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At Smalline and Harri, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients who may be facing severe stress and anxiety as a result of a medical malpractice injury. After experiencing medical malpractice, you may suffer a deterioration of your lifestyle—suddenly finding yourself unable to pay bills, perform your work duties, or enjoy the things you used to. Our competent and compassionate medical malpractice attorneys provide high-quality, affordable legal representation to ensure that you receive the proper compensation you need and deserve.

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Our personal injury attorneys have been helping people injured by medical malpractice receive their well-deserved compensation for 25 years. At Smalline and Harri, we provide top-notch professional service without sacrificing the personal attention that our clientele appreciates above all else.

Definition of Medical Malpractice

Though there is a limited time in which you can bring medical malpractice suits against doctors in the state of New York (2 ½ years), not every medical treatment resulting in injury constitutes medical malpractice. The following criteria must be met before bringing a malpractice suit against a doctor:

  • The medical provider did not act within the accepted standard of care
  • If he or she failed to provide the acceptable standard of care, it was his or her failure that caused the injury to occur.
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Our attorneys will be glad to evaluate your situation and determine whether or not your injury meets the definition of medical malpractice. At Smalline and Harri, we will answer any of your questions and help you decide the best way to move forward to seek justice for your situation.

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At Smalline and Harri, we are dedicated to obtaining full compensation for clients who have suffered because of the negligence of a medical professional or medical institution. If your child suffers from developmental delays or other serious conditions as a result of medical negligence at birth, our attorneys will see what services are available for him or her—in addition to fighting for monetary compensation for his or her pain and suffering. In addition, we will help you apply for SSDI if you require disability insurance to pay for your medical expenses and meet the demands of daily living. Contact us today at our Albany, NY office to speak with an experienced New York medical malpractice lawyer about how we can help you seek justice for your medical injury.

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