International Adoption Advisors

Congratulations! You’ve decided to be a parent! Our compassionate family attorneys at Smalline and Harri will help you prepare for the adoption process and we will utilize our extensive experience and knowledge of domestic and international adoption law to assist you with adding a new member to your family.

Adoption Situations

At Smalline and Harri, we are family oriented. However, we understand that adoption doesn’t always involve a traditional family. Family can encompass many different things: two women desiring a baby, a couple adopting a relative’s child, or a single man wishing to make a difference in the life of an older child. Our adoption advisors provide legal assistance for many different types of adoption situations, including:

International Adoptions

At Smalline and Harri, our international adoption advisors will help you navigate the complex body of law involved in international adoption, including the laws involving immigration and naturalization when adopting a child from another country. We will help you correspond with international government agencies and advise you on the differences in international health care systems and orphanages.

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Domestic Adoptions

Our adoption advisors will also guide you through the process of adopting an American child. We will help your family prepare for home visits, interviews, and inspections and assist you in dealing with a U.S. adoption agency.

Single-Sex Couple Adoptions

Same-sex couples may face discrimination when attempting to adopt children. However, New York State law permits same sex couple adoption. At Smalline and Harri, we are accepting of all lifestyles and we will help you and your partner through the process of adopting a child.

Adoptions of Older Children

It is a sad reality that many older children suffer by being shuffled from foster home to foster home and have experienced hard times, neglect, and maybe even abuse in their past. However, adopting an older child has its advantages: you may have more access to their history, their personality, and you may experience a shorter wait time than for an infant. At Smalline and Harri, we will assist couples seeking adoptions of older children (children over the age of 2).

Single Parent Adoptions

In New York State, married, as well as single-parent adoptions, are permitted so long as you are at least 21 years old, pass a criminal background check, and undergo a home study. At Smalline and Harri, we will support your decision to raise a child alone and will guide you through the process of adopting a child.

Contact Our Experienced Adoption Advisors

At Smalline and Harri, our compassionate attorneys will guide you through the adoption process and help you prepare for a new addition to your family. Since the adoption process includes a home visit and inspection, we will help you demonstrate that you are fit parents and we will prepare you for the lengthy and involved interviews that are a part of the investigation. Contact us to speak with our attorneys. We are accepting of all family situations and bring a compassionate, personalized approach to adoption matters to ensure that your family is comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire process. We look forward to helping your family grow!

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