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Albany Divorce LawyersOther than financial disputes, child custody is the most contentious issue for a couple. Trying to decide on custody and visitation rights can be extremely difficult if the couple cannot agree; family courts may be needed to end a custody battle keeping the child’s best interests in mind.

During a divorce, children tend to suffer the most as they watch their family unit crumble before their eyes. When parents bitterly argue in child custody disputes, they create stress and frustration for their children. To avoid the repercussions of a hostile divorce and to cause the least amount of disruption to the family, the Albany, NY custody lawyers at Smalline and Harri are here to help couples explore mediation as a conflict resolution option.

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Because children are innocent by-standers during a divorce, their best interests are always considered before the parents’. To keep some semblance of normalcy for the children, the divorce and child custody attorneys at Smalline and Harri recommend mediation to find an amicable solution to child custody issues. Attorney JoAnn P. Harri is a trained mediator who can work towards a fair settlement for child custody and visitation rights.

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If you and your spouse are getting a divorce and would like to avoid court ordered child custody and visitation, contact the NY custody lawyers at Smalline and Harri for experienced mediation. We are here to try to help you resolve your custody issues as amicably as possible.

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